Friday, April 02, 2010

SoCG 2010 News

There's been a flurry of activity on the SoCG 2010 front, and while I've been running around getting things done, I haven't been diligent enough about announcing the activity here. 
  1. The registration site is up and running, as has been noted. The deadline for early registration is May 2, so hurry up and get those registrations in ! The earlier you register, the easier it is for us to do our planning for conference activities.
  2. You can (and should) reserve your hotel rooms at the same time. We have a group block rate at both the Cliff Lodge and the Lodge, (students can share rooms at the latter) and the block will expire in the middle of May. Snowbird is up in the mountains, and so if you plan on reserving a hotel room elsewhere, you'l need to arrange to get yourself up the mountain - not hard, but something to plan for. 
  3. MADALGO is running a second installment of the very successful MASSIVE workshop on massive data algorithmics. This will be held on June 17, the day after SoCG ends, and so make sure to reserve an extended hotel stay if you plan on staying over. The group block applies through MASSIVE. Moreover, the deadline for submissions is Apr 14, so get those papers ready !
  4. We've arranged a group discount rate for shuttles to and from the airport to Snowbird. If you click on the Travel section of the conference website, the last link will take you to a PDF form that you can use to reserve the discounted shuttle ($29 each way). Make sure to mention the group name (SoCG 2010) and group number (6922) if you call in a reservation.
  5. The final program is available on the website. Some unusual elements worth noting: 
    • There's a long break for a hike on Tuesday. The plan (and hope) is to make our way up the mountain for some spectacular views of the valley. 
    • The conference ends relatively early on Wednesday (4pm) if you want to make a quick dash home. But of course you won't, because you'll be staying for MASSIVE !
  6. If you need a letter of invitation for visa processing, send me an email with your full name and address, and title(s) of the papers/videos you'll be presenting. I can generate the letters pretty quickly, but I do need this information. 

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