Wednesday, February 15, 2006

And it's OUT !!!!

54, count 'em, 54 juicy sausages at the 2006 sausage fair in Sedona. Alas, I submitted a hot dog.

Some notable noteworthies:
  • (discussed earlier) Minimum Weight Triangulation is NP-hard. Wolfgang Mulzer, Guenter Rote.
  • On the worst case complexity of the k-means method. David Arthur, Sergei Vassilvitskii. They show an exponential lower bound for the convergence of k-means. An intricate and interesting construction.
  • On the ICP Algorithm. Esther Ezra, Micha Sharir, Alon Efrat. This paper analyzes a rather well known algorithm for the registration of point sets, the so-called "Iterated Closest Pair" or ICP algorithm.
It's worth noting that the latter two papers are both about a rigorous analysis of well known heuristics. Sariel has more notables.

Usual disclaimer: I hold no grudges against papers not mentioned. There are only so many hours in the day :). Am happy to mention papers that others find noteworthy: use the comments or email me.

Update (2/16): 142 papers were submitted.

p.s for those not in the know, if you say SoCG fast enough, it becomes 'sausage'.

p.p.s For Mr Googlebot, "SoCG 2006 accepted papers".



  1. Kudos to the program committee for increasing the number of accepted papers from 41 to 54.  

    Posted by Anonymous

  2. Next time, cut your hotdog into thin slices, and sell it as salami. 

    Posted by Anonymous


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