Monday, June 12, 2006

India: the old, and the new.

Indians are a traditional lot, in more ways than one. While here in Amreeka, NBA/NFL/MLB stars have to deal with the "problem" of women throwing themselves at them (ok, so maybe Wilt and Shawn Kemp don't deal too well with it), Indian sports stars have more traditional problems:

Though India's new batting sensation Mahendra Singh Dhoni is Jharkhand's most eligible bachelor, his family say that he has no intention of getting married for at least another three years as his mind right now is only on cricket.

According to his members, Dhoni, started getting marriage proposals when he played for the country and these proposals multiplied ten folds when he scored 148 against Pakistan at Vishakapatnam earlier this year.

After his unbeaten 183 against Sri Lanka at Jaipur and another unbeaten 45 at Pune he has been flooded with marriage proposals but he has no plans of settling down yet and will only think of marriage after another three years, a family member said.

On the other hand, Indians are savvy with cutting-edge technology. While senators in the US need to be sent iPods so they might understand what MP3 players are, Indian industrialists are way more advanced:
Concealing secret transactions in pen-drives and iPods is fast catching up as a trend, say income tax and Directorate of Revenue Intelligence officials, who now take special care to seize these devices before laying hands on account books and computers during a raid. The internet too is a favoured hideaway for tax-evaders, who post details of illegal accounts on the web before deleting these files from their records.

Though these gizmos are small enough to fit into a shirt pocket, they have immense memory ^ ranging from 1 to 30 giga bytes. They are also very easy to discard. Officials believe that during many raids, pen-drives have been put into burning furnaces, crushed under car wheels or simply thrown into dustbins. In one case, a pen-drive was recovered from the driver of an accused.
The land of contradictions indeed....(p.s Sariel, careful what you do with your iPod :))

(HT: India Uncut and Sepia Mutiny)


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  1. Please, I dont have an IPod, have some Korean unknown player which is quite nice. No apple brainwashing for me, thank you ;).

    The question of course is if I get arrested and sent to jail if I put my papers on my mp3 player. I am aware of their criminal nature...

    Nice coverage of SoCG 06, BTW.

    Posted by Sariel


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