Thursday, September 28, 2006

Four legs good, two legs bad...

Not that it will do me much good when the Komitat comes to round up all foreigners, but:
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  1. You know that the ACLU is a front for Al Qaeda, right? Not to mention that Hitler was a member of the ACLU. The british have evidence that Sadam met the ACLU leader in Nigeria to discuss enrished uranium deals between the ACLU and Iraq.  

    Posted by Number two

  2. Only foreigners to be rounded up? That thing they passed today lets them round up native-born Americans just as well. 

    Posted by D. Eppstein

  3. "That thing they passed today lets them round up native-born Americans just as well. "

    It's worth remembering that Bush has already done this; now he just has the blessing of the Republican Congress. Jose Padilla, for example, was seized in Chicago in 2002 and not even charged until 2005. He was not allowed a lawyer or even communication with the outside world for some time. So some combination of the fourth, fifth, and sixth amendments was violated, and since he was not only seized on American soil, but is an American citizen, the fourteenth was doubly violated. 

    Posted by Ken Clarkson


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