Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sorting algorithm animations

Pat Morin has a great collection of Java sorting applets. You can line up three at a time and have them sort a random permutation of one through N. It's fun to see insertion sort or bubble sort earnestly plodding along long after merge sort or quick sort has blazed through.



  1. Just googled for animations and found your blog!

    Very interesting animation even it´s not the one i was looking for :-)

    I think the Bozo one is the strangest for me as an outstander...


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    Posted by Chris

  2. Hi Suresh,

    Uh, sorry for a completely off-topic comment, but I've been trying to access and the site seems to be down. I don't know who the contact person is for that, and thought if you happen to know them you might mention that there seems to be a problem.

    Since I'm being completely off-topic here anyway, let me ask you something else... The reason I was trying to access was to download Ipe. I was wondering what drawing program(s) the theory community uses for their papers and presentations, and if there are any strong preferences.


    Posted by Kurt

  3. Strange. I don't know what's up with People in the theory community use xfig mostly, I suspect, with geometers more likely to use ipe. I used to use xfig exclusively, and now I use ipe and inkscape, depending on whether I need latex integration or not, and whether I need snazzy gradients or not.  

    Posted by Suresh

  4. nice site


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