Wednesday, May 02, 2007

MAD about ALGOs

The new BRICS Center for Massive Data Algorithmics (MADALGO) is kicking off with a summer school on data streams. It's a 4-day affair between Aug 20-23, in Aarhus, Denmark, and I am told on good authority that along with learning the ins and outs of stream algorithms, you will also take a mandatory course on how to open one beer bottle with another one.

[Side note: you might ask a Danish person, "What do I do if I have only one beer bottle?". Danish Person: < long silence >]

The set of topics are just what you'd expect for a data stream course:
  • Algorithms for metric and geometric data streams
  • Randomized sketching and compressed sensing
  • Histograms, norms and other statistics of data streams
  • Algorithms for ordered data
  • Lower bounds and communication complexity
Registration is free, and accomodation has been blocked at fairly congenial rates. Especially if you're a grad student and have the wherewithal to go, this would be a great opportunity. The school is open to all researchers. Deadline for registration is June 1.

And when you're done streaming, you can go to Legoland, or experience the rather nonstandard (and NSFW) techniques the Danes employ to slow traffic down (NSFW).

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