Friday, June 08, 2007

SoCG 2007: CUP takes over all of geometry...

The good news from today is that the Demaine-O'Rourke book on folding and linkages is finally out. Erik had a copy of the book at the conference, and it's a handsome volume that will hopefully soon reside on my bookshelf.

The authors have a web page associated with the book, and it has a number of applets that go along with constructions from the text.

The publisher of this book is Cambridge University Press, which is great, because I love their fonts :). CUP clearly has a plan for domination of the entire computational geometry catalog: along with the folding book, they are publishing:
Phew ! Looks like CUP will be making a tidy sum off of me. Now if only bloggers got review copies (hint hint hint).

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  1. All these books are redicilously over priced...


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