Saturday, September 08, 2007

Physician, heal thyself ?

There's been a lot of grief over the reduction in price for iPhones only a few months after they were released. Wired magazine interviewed people who don't regret paying the higher price for the virtue of being an early adopter/arbiter-of-cool, and this comment caught my eye (emphasis mine):
"If they told me at the outset the iPhone would be $200 cheaper the next day, I would have thought about it for a second - and still bought it," said Andrew Brin, a 47-year-old addiction therapist in Los Angeles. "It was $600 and that was the price I was willing to pay for it."
I don't know: I think there are some other people who should get their money back.


  1. We have this saying in Romania: "It's best if you do what the bishop says, not what the bishop does."

    (Come to think about, I really hope people are following this in the US...)

  2. And in the Netherlands we say: "In the plumber's home it is always leaking."


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