Wednesday, December 05, 2007

2007 ACM Fellows

A huge crop of algorithms/complexity folks have been named ACM Fellows in this year's batch of awards: among them
  • Rajeev Alur
  • Avrim Blum
  • Andrei Broder
  • Danny Dolev
  • Rodney Downey
  • Tao Jiang (thanks, Anon)
  • Lance Fortnow
  • Rajeev Motwani
Congratulations to all !

(12/6): A special congratulations also to Rajeev Motwani (my research "father") and Lance (my blog "father") :)


  1. Agreed, a hearty congratulations!

    And also, I'd like to extend thanks to all the people who helped with these successes -- all the people who nominated and wrote letters on behalf of these individuals. It's one of those jobs where one gets no credit for one's work, so I'd like to acknowledge your work for the behalf of the community.

  2. I would add "Jiang, Tao"
    in the list.

  3. Another award to a theory person: today it was announced that Susanne Albers from the University of Freiburg won a Leibniz award, the most prestigious science award in Germany. It is awarded anually to a few German scientists (in any area) and comes with a 2.5M euro, seven year grant. Susanne's work is in the area of on-line algorithms.

  4. That's very cool. is there a link up yet ? I was looking at what appeared to be the main Leibniz prize page, and there's nothing about 2008 yet.

  5. That's very cool. is there a link up yet ?

    Only in German:

  6. I wonder whether Rajeev Alur considers himself an algorithms/complexity guy :-) His web page states that his research interests lie in

    Design tools for embedded software, Formal modeling and verification of reactive systems, Model checking, Hybrid systems, Software analysis, Logic and automata theory.

    Of course, a lot of his work involves algorithms and complexity, but those are tools he uses to achieve results of interest to "volume B" folks.

    Anyway, all of TCS should rejoice for all of these nominations of members of its research community to ACM fellowships.

    The award to Susanne Albers is outstanding news. Susanne will be one of the lecturers at the DYNAMO summer school affiliated with ICALP 2008 in Reykjavík (see here). Yet another reason for attending ICALP 2008!

  7. It's always a problem for me to figure out who's "TCS" and who's not. I tend to be inclusive just because I don't get the right to decide that someone is *not* something.

    also, with this post at least, I wanted to acknowledge *all* the theory folks (A and B) rather than just algorithms/complexity :)

  8. I could not agree more! I would also add Turing-award recipient Amir Pnueli to the list of TCS folks becoming ACM fellows.

    It has really been a good year.

    Let me also echo Michael Mitzenmacher's acknowledgement of the work done by those who nominate people for awards. Well done, guys!

    This reminds me that the deadline for nominations for the Gödel prize 2008 is January 31, 2008. I am sure that we all have some favourite papers that we'd like to suggest for the prize.


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