Sunday, March 22, 2009

(ab)use of wikipedia ?

From IHE:
Recently, a small journal entitled RNA Biology announced that it will now require all authors to also create Wikipedia pages about their discoveries.

Specifically, the journal says:
At least one stub article (essentially an extended abstract) for the paper should be added to either an author's userspace at Wikipedia (preferred route) or added directly to the main Wikipedia space (be sure to add literature references to avoid speedy deletion). This article will be reviewed alongside the manuscript and may require revision before acceptance. Upon acceptance the former articles can easily be exported to the main Wikipedia space. See below for guidelines on how to do this. Existing articles can be updated in accordance with the latest published results.

I'm not a Wikipedia expert (hello 0xDE), but isn't this a violation of the Wikipedia policies on copyrighted material and (non)-publishing of original research ?

Update: As 0xDE points out, Wikipedia is already on top of this.

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