Thursday, July 09, 2009

Quick note

(am posting this from 37000 ft. isn't technology cool ?)

The clustering series will be on hiatus for a few days while I wrap up some more pressing deadlines. It will restart two weeks from now.

Congratulations to Adam Smith and Sean Hallgren on getting a PECASE award. See what creating a new blog can do !


  1. Probably this affiliation didn't hurt. (I'm referring to the TCS connection more than the UPenn one.)

  2. a little too cynical for my taste, to be honest. Adam's been doing great work on privacy and crypto.

    p.s it's Penn State and UPenn (different places)

  3. Thanks, Suresh, for the congratulations!

    There was in fact another member of the extended TOC family on the PECASE list. Joel Tropp from Caltech, known in our community for his work on sparse approximations, random matrices and compressed sensing, is a DoD PECASE awardee.

  4. It wasn't meant to be cynical both are well-deserving. The point is more that it's great that Sampath is putting TCS people on fair ground for these awards (didn't happen in the past).

  5. apologies. I misinterpreted the comment. You're right that it's great to have Sampath in charge. In fact, the workshop I blogged about had a strong theory element I think partly because of Sampath's nudging.


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