Thursday, September 24, 2009

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Deadlines are keeping me busy, and away from blogging.

Speaking of which, the Fall Workshop on Computational Geometry has a submission deadline this Friday. The Fall workshop is a "true" workshop, in that you go, give a talk on whatever you're working on, and there's no messing around with proceedings, publications and things like that. It's a pure meet-and-chat kind of venue, which means the pressure is low, and the visibility is quite high (many of the east-coast geometry folks show up).

This year it's in Tufts, so the location is even better. So get those 2-page abstracts in !

In other news, FOCS registration deadline is looming. Bill mentions a workshop to celebrate 50 years of FOCS (which dates back to when it was the conference on switching and circuits (!)) and 20 years of the GATech ACO program.

The workshop is NOT like the Fall workshop :). It's a series of invited talks by a star-studded cast: KARP !! YANNAKAKIS !! ALON !! BLUM !! All together, for one brief engagement !!

Sounds like a great idea: the kind of thing we probably need to do more of to get more folks to the conference.

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