Saturday, January 16, 2010

Author rebuttal for SoCG 2010

There appears to be an author rebuttal phase for socg 2010. This is causing some confusion since many of the reviews are blank. I suspect based on my experience with DB reviewing that this means the reviewers didn't want clarification.

I got one nontrivial "review" back, and am assuming that some response is called for. The text is phrased not so much as a request for clarification but as an actual review. It's a bit easier when there's a specific question to be answered.

I'm glad the committee is doing this though, even with the extra effort involved. It's a good way of clarifying things that could otherwise have consequences beyond their importance.

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  1. I got four different kinds of empty review. Should I be happy that everything in my paper is clear, or upset that my paper isn't interesting enough to generate questions?


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