Monday, September 27, 2010

FOCS travel awards and registration deadline: Apply SOON !

Paul Beame reminds me that the FOCS early registration deadline and hotle registration deadline are coming up soon (this Thursday). Don't forget that FOCS has three tutorials on Saturday before the conference starts, by Ketan Mulmuley, Mihai Patrascu, and Tim Roughgarden (which will be on geometric complexity theory, algorithmic game theory, and how to annoy everyone with your blog - sorry Mihai, I'm joking :))

Travel awards are also still available for the conference: Quoting Paul (emphasis mine):

There is still a bunch of NSF travel support money available for students/postdocs because we can only fund one person per US institution. All the award decisions have been made at institutions where someone applied by Sept 23rd but we are still open to new applications for travel support (not including registration) from other institutions. There is no hard deadline but people should please apply ASAP (ideally by the end of this week) because we will make final decisions on awards soon.  Follow the Travel Support link at:
p.s cstheory Q&A has been sucking up all the time that I should have been spending blogging ... ahem.. doing research. We're at 1500+ users and counting, so come on in and join Lance's students and all the others :). 

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