Friday, January 28, 2011


And now for a break from SODA updates. 

They say that professors are absentminded. I say that my mind is not absent: it's very very present - just somewhere else.

On that note, here are some levels of absentmindedness. I will refrain from any comment on how I came up with this list.

10. forgetting your keys are in your pocket
9. putting down your coffee while looking for keys and forgetting where you left it.
8. forgetting your glasses are on your head
7. forgetting that you're wearing your glasses
6. looking for your phone while holding it
5. missing your bus stop because you're day dreaming
4. missing your bus because you're day dreaming at the bus stop
3. taking your bus because you forgot you had the car that day
2. having to be reminded by your spouse not to take the bus because you took the car that day

I used to remember #1, but I've forgotten it.

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