Tuesday, March 29, 2011

STOC 2011 Poster Session

STOC 2011 is experimenting with a poster session. This is excellent news - kudos to the organizing committee for taking the initiative to do this.

What I'm a little puzzled about is the format though: rather than the usual  "some papers become posters" or "all papers get a slot in the poster session", the format appears to be "submit posters about other, possibly published, work". This is a nice idea, and should help with dissemination of results from other venues, and drawing more folks into the conference. However, priority in poster acceptance will be given to registered STOC attendees, which doesn't do much for the participation numbers.

But I complain too much. This is a nice step forward, and I encourage people to submit their posters. Unfortunately, (fortunately?) I'll be in Paris instead of San Jose.

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