Monday, September 05, 2011

FOCS 2011 Registration open

Marek Chrobak informs me that FOCS 2011 registration is open. The conference is being held from Oct 22-25 in Palm Springs CA, home of the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway that does a record 8500 ft (2600 m) elevation gain to give you views of the valley.

When you're not being made dizzy by the views, attend a tutorial or two or three ! Cynthia Dwork, Kirk Pruhs and Vinod Vaikuntanathan are the headliners for a day of tutorials on Saturday Oct 22. Shafi Goldwasser will be awarded the 2011 IEEE Emmanuel R. Piore Award, given for "outstanding contributions in the field of information processing, in relation to computer science".

I'm told there are also some talks, including some that smash through barriers for the k-server conjecture, metric TSP (in graphs) (twice over), and exact 3SAT.

Register now so that local organizers don't go crazy (I can assure you that they do :)). The deadline is Sep 29 for cheap rates on hotels and registration. And if you'd like to be a FOCS 2011 reporter and write a set of blog posts summarizing the conference for, please add a note to this post.

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  1. Love the new view of your blog. Thanks for the information on FOCS. Someone like me who is out of academia for quite sometime now finds this info much useful


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