Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Upcoming deadline: Multiclust 2012

One of the posts queued up in the clustering series is a note on 'metaclustering', which starts with the idea that instead of looking for one good clustering, we should be trying to explore the space of clusterings obtained through different methods and pick out good solutions informed by the landscape of answers. While the concept has been around a while, the area has attracted much more interest in recent years, with two workshops on the topic at recent data mining conferences.

I'm involved with the organization of the latest incarnation, to be held in conjunction with SDM 2012 in April. If you have
unpublished original research papers (of upto 8 pages) that are not under review elsewhere, vision papers and descriptions of work-in-progress or case studies on benchmark data as short paper submissions of up to 4 pages
then you should submit it ! The deadline is Jan 25.

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