Thursday, May 17, 2012

8F Computational Geometry

What is North Carolina known for?
  • Basketball?
  • Barbecue?
  • Great Universities?

    Well, this June it will be known for geometry, as SoCG will be held this year very near Durham, NC. Unfortunately, it will be at UNC and not Duke. (I kid, I know Jack will do a great job organizing.)

    If those things are not enough, Suresh and I (Jeff) are organizing an 8F-Computational Geometry workshop at SoCG. In case thats not clear, 8F stands for AITF, and AITF stands for Algorithms in the Field.

    The idea is to both showcase how computational geometry has had impact on "the field" and highlight some areas that we hope are ripe for future impact from the CG community. There are two days of talks Tuesday, June 19 on ongoing impact and Wednesday, June 20 on potential (more) impact. We already have a great line-up of speakers; on the first day we have talks by
  • Valerio Pascuci on Visualization,
  • Lars Arge on GIS,
  • David Mount on Data Retrieval, and
  • Nina Amenta on Meshing and Surface Reconstruction.
    On the second day we have talks by
  • Dan Halperin on Robotics and Automation,
  • Jie Gao on Mobile Networks,
  • Michael Mahoney on High Dimensional Data Analysis, and
  • Tom Fletcher on Medical Imaging.

    We encourage you all to attend, and to see what the Durham area has to offer. There is actually a full 4 days of activities at SoCG this year. The early registration deadline is next week (May 23) and its only $100 for students!

    We should mention that this 8F-Computational Geometry workshop is part of a larger push (through sponsorship) by NSF. There was a more general 8F Workshop last year, and there are more in the works.
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