Monday, October 01, 2012

Things a _____ should do at least once...

Without quite realizing it, I managed to create a (tiny) meme in the rarefied circles of TCS/math with my post "Things a TCSer should have done at least once".

Firstly, you should check out the G+ post for even more scathing commentary on my original post.

Next, you should see the followups (in case you haven't already):
Let me know if there are more - I'm still waiting for a quantum computing version.(thanks, Pontiff!)


  1. Shame you can only "check out the G+ post" by having a google account, I hope things work out well in your walled garden.

  2. It seems the only way to "check out the G+ post" is to enter some walled garden -- god luck with that

  3. I looked at the lists, and am surprised no-one came up with "answer a question left open in a previous paper". (For full credit, the question should be stated explicitly, and of course there should be no author in common to the paper asking the question, and the paper answering it.) Another item: "state an open question, and get it answered in a follow-up paper by different authors". Extra credit if the answer is buggy or incomplete.

  4. Someone should do things a computational geometer should have done at least once.


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