Friday, March 15, 2013

The SIGACT CG column

As you might have just discovered, I'm the second half of the two-headed monster that's taken over the SIGACT Geometry Column after Joe O'Rourke stepped down (Adrian Dumitrescu, who hopefully does not mind being referred to as the head of a monster, is the other half). My first column is up, and it talks about some recent fascinating developments in nonnegative matrix factorization.

My hope with the pieces I write is to cover areas of geometry that may have not had sufficient representation in the past (especially things closer to problems I'm interested in). My next column is due in August, and apart from doing a wrapup on SoCG, other things that come to mind include Laplacians and graph geometry, reproducing kernels, or even Bregman geometry.

But everything is now mobile, crowdsourced and social networked, so I'm looking for your suggestions on interesting topics to cover, new emerging areas, results that I'm not tracking, and so on. So post away here or on G+.

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