Friday, February 06, 2015

Friday chest-thumping.

  • My paper with Amirali Abdullah (or should I say Amir's paper with me) got into STOC ! One aspect not discussed in the linked blog post is the connection to Partial Match (a notoriously hard problem in the data structures literature).  In brief, our result allows for a "smooth-ish" interpolation between approximate near neighbor lower bounds in $\ell_1$ and general partial match lower bounds, reinforcing the intuition that Partial Match is an "extremely asymmetric" nearest neighbor problem. 
  • Another paper with 'the Streaming Kings' (said to the sound of a flamenco strum) of Cormode, Chakrabarti, McGregor and Thaler got into CCC (and this is my first paper at Complexity). I'll have more to say about this work in a separate post: in brief, we looked at streaming interactive proofs (of the kind first developed by Cormode, Thaler and Yi) where you have a prover and a streaming verifier and wish to verify a computation with constant rounds of communication. There's a 3-round nearest neighbor protocol in this paper, as well as a number of subtle results about the nature of multi-round communication protocols in the streaming setting. 
"Well Suresh, you have two new papers, what are you going to do next" ?

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