Wednesday, July 14, 2004

News of the day...

Some trivial...
On the origins of 'blog', from EvHead... (via BoingBoing)

....Blog was originally devised by British fans in the 1950s. There were two versions. A Liverpool fan named Peter Hamilton came up with the recipe for Blog Mark I, which consisted of "a brandy and egg flip base, to which was added black currant puree, Alka Seltzer, and Beechan's Powder. It effervesced." A second, simplified version (Blog Mark II) was produced by hotel barmen at the first Kettering Eastercon (1955) and consisted of "a half-pint of cider and a measure of rum."
You'll roll down stairs, fall off your chair, and hump your neighbors dog
It goes with a snack, you'll lie on your back, it's blog, blog, BLOG!

It's blog, it's blog
It's pink, it's yummy, it's punch
It's blog, it's blog
It'll make you lose your lunch

You're gonna love your blog
Come on and get your blog
Everyone loves their blog

And some not so trivial:
From the New Scientist:

After nearly 30 years of arguing that a black hole destroys everything that falls into it, Stephen Hawking is saying he was wrong. It seems that black holes may after all allow information within them to escape. Hawking will present his latest finding at a conference in Ireland next week.

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