Friday, August 20, 2004

Open Problems (redux)

One of my first posts was about finding interesting problems to work on. Adam Klivans, guest-posting over at the complexity blog, mentions that COLT has an extremely civilized approach for dealing with this:
For the last few years, COLT has glorified the open problems section and allocates about an hour of time for a presentation of open problems. The open problems themselves must be submitted months beforehand and are refereed (how rigorously is anyone's guess); accepted problems appear in the proceedings. A list of this year's open problems can be found on the COLT 2004 program schedule -- the session was held on Friday evening.
Thus I am happy to note that this year's fall workshop on computational geometry will have a similar focus on open problems. From the call for abstracts:
To promote a free exchange of questions and research challenges, there will be a special focus on Open Problems, with a presentation on The Open Problems Project, as well as an Open Problem Session to present new open problems. Submissions are strongly encouraged to include stand-alone open problems, which will be collected into a separate webpage and considered for inclusion in The Open Problems Project.
This workshop is the 14th in a series of CG workshops that are always a pleasure to attend: the focus is on interactions and discussions, rather than presentations, and the atmosphere is always very relaxed. So mark your calendars for Nov 19-20 in Boston.

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