Saturday, January 22, 2005

For the 1000th time, Bell Labs != AT&T !!!

I can understand fellow researchers being confused (OK I can't, but I can at least try), but the New York Times ?
With four titles of his own, Mr. Eslambolchi, who also directs Bell Labs and AT&T's network operations, manages engineers, technicians and researchers in 11 divisions and speaks directly to dozens of customers a month to hear what they want
Repeat after me: Bell Labs is Lucent, Shannon Labs is AT&T.


  1. Why did AT&T get Shannon labs? I would've thought that they would've gotten Bell labs. 

    Posted by Anonymous

  2. it didn't "get" shannon labs per se. As part of the divestiture, Lucent was allowed to keep the Bell Labs name, and AT&T named their labs Shannon Labs. 

    Posted by suresh


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