Tuesday, January 25, 2005

SODA business meeting

If I had drunk as much as prescribed, I'd be weaving right now. It almost seemed like people were finally getting tired of the endless discussions. Adam Buchsbaum did a deadly job of killing all feeble attempts to keep short papers alive (death by statistics was the coroner's report), and we shall see what the outcome is.

SODA 2006 will be in Miami (but not in Miami Beach alas). Cliff Stein will be the chair. It appears that SODA 2007 will either be in Monterrey, Mexico or New Orleans. Either way is fine with me :).

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  1. The short papers always irked me. I spent at least two years sweating out the results leading to a full-length SODA paper. And I'm proud of my SODA paper.

    It struck me as unfair that someone could list a 1-page summary of usually crappy results and then say he had a SODA paper on his resume. The 1-page thing struck me as the work of lazy theorists who were seeking to fool a tenure committee (or perhaps a funding agency.) They took the old adage "The dean can't read, but the dean can count" one step further. The dean may be able to count publications, but he may not be able to count page numbers....

    Call me cynical but I welcome their demise.

    Could you summarize the statistical argument of Dr. Buschbaum? Thanks.


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