Monday, August 29, 2005


Via Chris Leonard, the FETCSWCHG:
If you know the difference between P and NP, and the difference between offsides and icing; if you can properly pronounce Dijkstra and Jagr, Euler and Roy -- this is the page for you.

With sufficient encouragement, we will acquire ice time for the First Ever Theoretical Computer Science World Cup Hockey Game. Please fill out the form below to help us organize this unprecedented and quite possibly unique event.

League Commissioner (but she really wants to coach): Catherine McGeoch, Amherst College
President of the Players Union: Cliff Stein, Columbia University
President of the Players Intersection: Micah Adler, University of Massachusetts
We might even get to see the STOC 2006 PC Chair pad up :).


  1. Hey, i can understand your writing..isnt that 

    Posted by jack


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