Saturday, October 22, 2005

FOCS 2005

FOCS starts today in Pittsburgh. Alas, I won't be attending. What sounds most intriguing to me (apart from the papers themselves) is the session on 'Exciting the public about (theoretical) computer science' at the business meeting. I'm looking forward to hearing what folks have to say about this. Since I can't be there, I'll merely reiterate what I said earlier about metaphors for computation.

I also note that Bernard Chazelle is giving a tutorial on Algorithmic Techniques and Tools from Computational Geometry, and Subhash Khot is giving a tutorial on the Unique Games Conjecture. I especially regret not being able to attend the second tutorial, given the frenzy of activity that this conjecture has generated in recent years (see Lance's post for a summary of the problem).

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