Wednesday, October 12, 2005

SoCG 2006: The Vortex edition

The compgeom mailing list has the second CFP for SoCG 2006, to be held in Sedona, Arizona. Paper deadline is Dec 5, 2005, but the abstracts are due Nov 23, 2005. Jeff predicts doom.

However, what he doesn't realize, and what the CFP doesn't mention, is the natural healing powers of the Sedona vortex,
a spot where a concentrated source of energy is flowing from. Vortexes are an accelerator for healing and clearing. Or a place to receive an abundance of energy.
And consider this effect of visiting Sedona:
  • A sense of communion with unseen forces surrounding you, including the intense desire to spend more time with Nature.
Personally, that happens to me whenever I have to review papers.

And for authors, there's even more that Sedona has to offer. Especially if your paper gets rejected:

This experience is designed to accelerate clearing of emotional blocks, letting go of the past, releasing feelings of frustration, anger and injustices.
If that doesn't work, you could always escort reviewers up to
...follow the course of water up the red rocks to the Eagle’s View Vortex! The view is incredible! [..] stand [reviewers] on the vortex and guide them into shape-shifting into the eagle! They fly ahead into the Dream Weave and explore healing a moment in their life or just fly and fly!!
Once you've done that, and feel better, try out

Boulder dancing at it’s purest! Feel yourself let go and fly as you hop from one boulder to the next!
with the extra bonus that
This place has a mystical feel to it and if your spirit is ready, the hawk that lives there might pay you a visit!

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