Monday, November 21, 2005

SoCG Abstracts deadline.

Now that we're all done with the Fall Workshop, it's time to submit those abstracts to SoCG. This year, the commitee has instituted an abstracts deadline of Nov 23 in addition to the paper deadline of Dec 5, so you have till Wednesday !

The submission server is up, and can be found via the conference web site. Here is the note from the conference chairs:

Dear Computational Geometers,

The Web site for submissions to the ACM Symposium on Computational Geometry is now up, and can be accessed through the conference Web site at

This year we want people to submit an abstract by Nov 23, before the paper deadline of Dec 5. We will use these abstracts to assign papers to committee members, so that the committee members will have more time to read the papers. Please be aware that if you do NOT submit an abstract by Nov 23, there will be some delay in getting you paper to the committee.

Looking foward to seeing your recent work!

Nina Amenta
Otfried Cheong
If I may be permitted a brief snark, I hope people will submit not-so-recent work as well :).

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  1. Well, if the conference takes place only once a year, and there is no second clear alternative in CG a high quality paper that got rejected last year for other reasons (like unclear writing) would likely wait an entire year and be resubmitted.  

    Posted by Anonymous


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