Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The more things change...

It's a common story (and one experienced by many):

Young student starts taking an interest in research
He studies hard, clears his apprenticeship, and starts publishing.
He has some success, and gains some recognition.
Starts to gain confidence, and branch out in his own sub area
Committees start rejecting his papers; frustration ensues
He tries other publications, and more rejections follow.
But his work is being recognized by those who appreciate him: funding follows slowly.
He creates a new conference, for misunderstood creators like himself.
It works for a while, but he gets disenchanted, and tries to go back to the more prestigious conferences.
More rejections, funding remains limited, but his fame grows and grows
Finally, he's so well known that his area gets its own name, and retrospectives are organized in his honor.

And who's the unfortunate researcher who exemplifies this trajectory ? It's Claude Monet !


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  1. Great little article, and almost quite typical of how other people are often successful on the back of the original creators or writers. I have got a friend who would appreciate you blog and it may of of interest to him with his research. I will forward on the address for him to look at. 

    Posted by Simon Dumville


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