Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Numb3rs reference: Neil Sloane's Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences

This week's episode of Numb3rs had a reference to Neil Sloane's (AT&T colleague) Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences. Charlie was attempting to backtrace where a network hacker was coming from, and discovered that his own code had been compromised. A secret code had been inserted, that spelt out a number sequence. Charlie was explaining this in class,
Student in Charlie's class: 23, 5, 18 is W E R in Sloane's Encyclopedia of
Integer Sequences. Maybe it's simple alphabet cipher?
(Thanks to Graham for the dialogue)


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  1. (annoying geek)That was a bit off key. Without looking in the OEIS, the dialog seems totally unmotivated - any self respecting mathoid would have guessed a substitution code -way- before considering an OEIS search.(/annoying geek)

    Even though I was primed ahead (by the OEIS mailing list) to watch out for the scene, the dialog was so fast, I could barely tell that OEIS was mentioned. Whether the writers get things, I can't say but their math consultants are OK. 

    Posted by Mitch


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