Thursday, January 03, 2008

A call for information and help

In response to Muthu's query about invited speakers at conferences, Iftah Gamzu at Tel Aviv University set up a very nice page containing all the relevant information. He also has the next generation of the 'Accepted papers at theory conferences' page originally maintained by Anupam Gupta, as well as a page with upcoming dates (conference/submission) for most theory conferences.

Iftah sent me a request: he's missing information on speakers/talks for many conference-year combinations, and was hoping for some help from the community. Here's what's missing:
  • Invited talks at
    • STOC 2000.
    • RANDOM-APPROX 2003 and 2005.
    • SoCG 2001 and 2004.
    • IPCO 2007 summer school.
  • Titles of the talks
    • CCC 2001.
    • Gene Myers, Christos Papadimitriou, and Ehud Shapiro at ESA APPROX 2002.
    • Marino Zerial at ESA 2005.
    • Leslie Lamport, and Butler Lampson at PODC 2003.
    • Elias Koutsoupias at SPAA PODC 2005.
    • Robin Thomas at STACS 2004.
    • Daniel Lewin at SPAA 2000.
    • Andrew Chien at SPAA 2002.
    • Adi Shamir at ICALP 2005.
  • Name of the speaker of
    • "Discrete Tomography: Reconstruction under Periodicity Constraints" at ICALP 2002.
    • "Program Debugging and Validation Using Semantic Approximations and Partial Specifications" at ICALP 2002.
  • Can someone confirm that there were no invited talks at
    • FOCS 2004, CCC 2004, and SPAA 2004?
If anyone reading this has the relevant information, they can either post it in the comments, or email him directly


  1. I wonder if it is better to maintain
    these pages as a wiki.

  2. It seems like it, but the wiki model really only works when people are committed to their corner of expertise enough to keep it fresh.

    In this case, someone has to care enough to maintain it: I don't think Iftah can do all the maintainence for everyone.

    I actually set up a temp wiki page that I could import the data into, but it's a lot of work unless people take the time to edit things.

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