Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Readable math

Bill Gasarch asks about math books you can actually read. This reminded me of my post from over 3 years ago, "Books that read like a thrilller". I'd update that list with
  • Information theory, by Cover and Thomas
  • Randomized Algorithms (Motwani-Raghavan): it's an old book, but even when I read it today, I realize just how well it flows.
  • Convex Optimization (Boyd/Vandenberghe): there's just something about the typesetting :)
  • Computational Complexity (Arora/Barak)
  • Convex Analysis (Rockafellar): A model of precision and clarity
  • (almost, but not quite in the pantheon): Approximation algorithms, (Vazirani)


  1. Do you know what font/typesetting the Boyd/Vandenberghe book uses ? It is mesmerizing. :-)

  2. Its really nice list. I'd read the couple of books in your list and those are my favorites too. But, I interested to work on problems, rather read math theory...
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