Sunday, April 20, 2008

Abstracts booklets

The ICDE proceedings is all digital. You get one CD with all the papers from the conference, and another with all the papers from all the workshops. This comes with a very nifty overview PDF that has clickable indices by name and session, as well as a search feature, and links to the PDFs for each paper. Along with this comes an abstracts booklet organized in order of schedule, with one section for titles, and another one for abstracts (the first is handy for planning your schedule).

I've been wishing that we could do something like this for a while now. The good news is that next year, SODA will do the same thing. Personally, I found the abstracts booklet more useful than one might think, and only rarely felt that I needed to look at the paper in detail.

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  1. CRYPTO gave out electronic proceedings on a little flash drive, which is even nicer than a CD, since you can later reuse it.


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