Monday, December 08, 2008

NSF bleg

This appears in the supplemental documents section of the upcoming CISE call:
In the Supplementary Documents Section, include a list of all PIs, Co-PIs, Senior Personnel, paid Consultants, Collaborators and Postdocs to be involved in the project. This list should be numbered and include (in this order) Full name, Organization(s), and Role in the project, with each item separated by a semi-colon. Each person listed should start a new numbered line.

Does anyone know what a "Collaborator" is ? is it merely your other-institution co-PI on a collaborative proposal ?


  1. I think you can have collaborators who are not co-PIs. This just means you would be working with them (occasionally) on the topic, but they would not be receiving any money from the grant.

  2. When I asked the people in my department's business office about this, I was told to upload a document containing exactly one line of text.


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