Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Videotaping talks is a company that has taken on the job of videotaping and packaging conference talks. They're based out of Slovenia, and offer a good service: they take your talk and your slides, and sync up the talk video and slides so someone watching later on can follow along.

For examples, you can see my talk at ETVC, and here are the other talks. I first heard about this company when I was googling a paper and discovered that the ICML talk was online.

I originally thought that they only handle events in Europe, but they appear to have covered this year's KDD as well (although the coverage appears strangely limited).


  1. They were also at NIPS this last week. Not sure when the videos will be up, but a few of them from the workshop sessions are great.

  2. My PhD work is unsupervised. Also at the place I am at--INRIA in France-- there are really no other resources available. I can't just go to a professor's office hours and ask questions. So, I rely heavily on videolectures and a whole lot of other material on the internet including blogs for mentorship.

    Watched your video too.

  3. The ML folks have taken a lot of initiative. Entire sessions of the annual Machine learning summer school are available at videolectures. I feel that adoption has been relatively slow in other areas.

  4. Hi. We have also recorded this year NIPS workshops. They are already online.
    Unfortunately we don't have whole NIPS conference because of some IPR issues with organizer but hopefully next year NIPS09 will be fully covered.



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