Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Postdoc opportunity

Kirk Pruhs writes in with another postdoc position. There's no immediate deadline for applications, but the subject of the postdoc relates to the previously mentioned NSF workshop on power management, now (re)rescheduled for Apr 9-10:

I want to investigate algorithmic issues for optimization problems related to power management. [..]

But I am looking to broaden the range of power management problems that I work on. If you are at all interested, I encourage you to attend the NSF Workshop on the Science of Power Management that I am organizing in DC on April 9-10. The workshop participants will consist of leaders in the practice and science of power management, and the purpose of the workshop is to provoke discussion among experts, identify key research directions, and report key findings to NSF. I have funds to support travel to the workshop. [..]

The research will involve searching for algorithmically interesting problems in this area, and solving these problems. It is certainly not necessary for you have any research experience related to power management. What is necessary is that you [are] the type of person that likes to expand their interests into new, exciting, areas of research.

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