Monday, February 23, 2009


A wordle is a visualization of the words in a text, organized to give more frequent words higher priority. It's a cute way of illustrating the repeated concepts in a text.

My student Parasaran Raman made wordles for the paper titles for FOCS 2008 and STOC/SODA/SoCG 2009. You can click on each image to get a larger view. Draw your own conclusions :)

FOCS 2008:

STOC 2009:

SODA 2009:

SoCG 2009:


  1. Ahhh.. I am sure there are tons of followers of your blog, but I never expected this stats. In just 9 hours between your posting this article and now, there has been 47 new visitors to my web page referred from your blog page. :)
    This includes,
    13 Countries (From Canada to Japan)
    12 States in US
    {Courtesy:Google Analytics}

  2. When I was in grad school I had a nightmare that looked like number 2.

  3. Am I wrong, or is STOC 2009 the only conference that has the word "Algorithm" in titles, in addition to "Algorithms"? In the other conferences it only seems to be plural.


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