Wednesday, May 12, 2010

SoCG 2010: Come one, come all :)

There's about a month left to go for SoCG, and I just returned from a walk through at Snowbird. Surprisingly, it was still snowing - the ski season has wound down though. Most of the snow will disappear by early June - we're seeing the last confused weather oscillations right now before the steady increase in temperature.

We went up there to check out the layout of the room(s) for the conference - the main conference room is nice and large, and the parallel session room is pretty big as well, there'll be wireless access throughout (with a code), and there's a coffee place right next to the rooms. There are nice balconies all around, and of course you can wander around outside as well.

Registrations have been trickling in, a little slower than my (increasingly) gray hair would like. If you haven't yet registered, consider this a gentle reminder :). It helps to have accurate numbers when estimating food quantities and number of proceedings etc.

See you all in a month !

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