Saturday, July 03, 2010

Tools every modern conference needs

(while I procrastinate on my SODA edits)

  • Crowdvine: an all-encompassing social network solution for conferences that includes schedule planning, networking, activity monitors (who's coming to my talk) etc
  • A paper discussion site (could be within crowdvine, or even something like Mark Reid's ICML discussion site)
  • A good paper submission/review manager like HotCRP (not CMT !)
  • Facebook/twitter/blog for official announcements. 
  • At the very least, a website with all the papers for download. If necessary,zip or torrent links for downloading proceedings (especially if videos are involved). 
And no, we did none of these for SoCG 2010. But a guy can dream, no ? While I'd be shocked to see crowdvine at any theory conference (price, culture, you name it), I think would be a valuable resource, and many of the rest require time but are otherwise free. 


  1. Hi Suresh,

    Thanks for the blog post. So nice to hear positive feedback about CrowdVine. I'm sure we have a price that would work for theory conferneces (there's a free option). You'd probably know best how to pitch it to conference organizers. It sounds like just having a place to gather and talk about the hot topics from the conference would be nice.

    Again, it was nice for this post to pop up in my Google alert. Thanks for writing it.


  2. Hi,

    If you want the code for the ML Discussion site and some help setting one up for a theory conference, just let me know.



  3. You might also be interested in the following articale by Yann LeCun:


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