Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Latest news from the unnamed-but-working-on-it theoryCS Q&A site

4 days in (public) beta, and the theoryCS Q&A site (or as someone described it, the 21st century Usenet) is chugging along. There are nearly 600 users now, with nearly 300 "active" users - people who've posted, asked a question, commented, etc. Since there isn't a way to broadcast to the user community directly, I'm taking the liberty of doing it here.

If you're enjoying using the site, please visit the meta site (click the small 'meta' on the top banner). If you don't like how the site is working, please visit the meta site. In both cases, you'll find important discussions about how the site is working and should work, and your input will shape how it evolves. For example,
and almost as important:
Another reminder: please use your votes liberally. In fact, if you think a question is worthy of being read, it probably deserves an upvote (and the same for an answer). Frequent voting makes the whole system run smoothly.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled theoryCS programming:  some interesting recent questions for your entertainment (please comment at the question links, rather than here):

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