Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A 'polymath' home for analysis of the Deolalikar proof

In collaboration with the Polymath project (and many thanks to Terry Tao for making this happen, and putting in lots of editing work in short order), there's now a new wiki to collect various threads of the discussion on the Deolalikar P != NP paper (which has been updated). With a lot of help from Terry, I've seeded the wiki with the initial discussion points that have come up. Please continue to edit this page as new ideas come up, or there's other discussion of the paper. 

This wiki replaces the Google doc that I had originally set up: it's a lot easier to edit, and Google was struggling under the weight of all the people trying to view the file.

The Lipton/Regan posts will continue to host the main research threads. If you are so inclined, you can use this post for "meta"-discussions as is customary in polymath land. Content will be transferred over to the wiki periodically, and more discussion threads can be forked if things start getting unwieldy (the first Lipton post is pushing 117 comments already).

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