Sunday, June 18, 2017

Off to TheoryFest 2017

I'm at the airport getting ready to board my flight for Montreal to attend TheoryFest 2017. And much to my amazement, I discover that STOC has its own event mobile app. Who knows, maybe this means that by next decade theory conferences will do double blind review? (ed: stop it, now that's crazy talk!)

Snark aside, I'm very excited to see how the new format for STOC works. This is an experiment, and like all experiments it will take some time to see how the idea plays out. But first impressions matter, and if this year's iteration goes well, that will be good news for the overall plan.

I'm of course excited for the plenary invited talks, but I'm also excited to see the tutorials and workshops. Even theory land is not safe from the invasion of the Huns deep learning and I'm sure there will be standing-room only space at Ruslan Salakhutdinov's tutorial on the foundations of deep learning.

My "coverage" will be a mix of tweeting and blogging. Stay tuned!

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