Wednesday, June 21, 2017

TheoryFest: Attack of the talks

Day 2 at TheoryFest, and people are still attending talks. Ok maybe I shouldn't be that surprised. But it's kind of nice to see anyway. The lounge area is deserted during the sessions and full during the breaks.

The TheoryFest organizing committee (as represented by Ryan Williams) has organized lunch time meetups for senior and junior people (where junior means grad students and postdocs, not assistant profs — sorry, assistant profs). The idea is that the senior people sign up and the junior people can email them to meet up. It's a nice idea, especially given the feeling that I've heard from people in the past that STOC is an unfriendly place for students, especially those not from high-powered theory places.

One interesting aspect of coming to STOC after a number of years is while I know many the older folk, I don't know most of the students, and so I float around relatively anonymous (it doesn't help that I haven't blogged much in recent months - I've been distracted, people!). It's almost like being at a brand new conference that I've never attended before.

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