Wednesday, April 14, 2004

The Fafblog

WARNING: Non-geometry/algorithms/math post ahead...
There are all kinds of blogs on the net, but there is only one Fafblog.

For a take on the day's events that is so maniacally funny you wonder what the author is's a sample, written after the Bush press conference

On our resolve:
  • It is strong.
  • Also it is resolute and firm. It is so firm! You have no idea how firm our resolve is. Whew! It's pretty firm I'll tell you that.
  • In addition to resolve we have resoluteness and strength. These are also very strong and resolute.
  • Also, freedom is beautiful. Look at those mountains! Smell that ocean air!

    On the hideous bug invaders:
  • Reports regarding the hideous bug invaders have been greatly exaggerated and their laying of eggs in soldiers' brains is in no way to be perceived as a setback in the war against terror. Our resolve is so strong!
  • They have laid their eggs in far fewer soldiers' brains than the media is reporting. Man media there is something wrong with you!
  • Why from the looks of things on CNN you'd think theyd insectofied three whole platoons of soldiers by now which is crazy talk! Ha ha! Crazy talk, our resolve is strong!

    and now back to previously scheduled geomblogging....
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