Friday, April 02, 2004

Funny Paper Titles

I collect paper titles that I consider to be "interesting". Research paper titles have gone the way of non-fictions books in recent years, with the use of the execrable A:B format, which can loosely be explained as:

A (Let's say something that we think is clever and pithy):B (maybe no one got the joke, so let's explain it in boring detail).

Consider this post a plea for help. Don't let the dark side lure you !!! There are many ways to title a paper cleverly (if you so choose to), without being sucked into A:B inanity. Here are some of the gems. All of the titles below refer to papers in (some area of) computer science. Warning: this is a highly idiosyncratic view; please don't complain if I list (or don't list) your title here. If you have contributions, post them in the comments or email me.

Short and sweet
Division is good
Reductions that Lie

Mick gets some (the odds are on his side) (This one is particularly noteworthy, seeing as it mixes cultural references in)
O-O: What have they done to DB2
It's okay to be skinny, if your friends are fat.

Just Weird
Gray Visiting Motzkins
Cracking the cracking problem with coons patches
Pass the butter

And finally, a paper title that isn't yet, but should be !!

Searching for Spock in a Quantum Haystack

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