Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Rappamatics !

Courtesy of Aaron 'A-Dogg' Archer, some excerpts of PHAT Rappamatics....

U Can't Bound This
Cutting planes, by far
best found in a dimly lit bar
so flip, that coaster in the air {ADogg flips a coaster}
Call Bill Cook, run a comb through your hair
Now follow, the central path
Scale that data make your polytope phat
So make, your step-size large
Do this in practice, it's fast to converge.
[quadratic convergence]

Ramanujan's Revenge
I need a math transfusion.
My blood pressure's turnin' into fusion.
I've been racin' and pacin' ,
sweepin' the nation
'cuz mathematic lingo is what we're facin' .
Talkin' homomorphic, endomorphic, isomorphic, automorphic,
homotopic, isotopic, polytopic, can t stop it.
Every single theorem that I hold in my pocket
is BAD, too hot to handle.
I've got theorems that would cause a scandal.
Activated, iterated, integrated, combinated,
numerated, permutated, bifurcated, conjugated.
I can't stop, 'cuz the rhythm has got me.
Without math you re Mr. Softee,
and if you disagree that math is happenin' ,
I'll be on your butt like a contraction mappin' .
Down with MIP?
Yeah, you know me.
Down with MIP?
Yeah, you know me.
Down with MIP?
Yeah, you know me.
Who's down with MIP?
All the homies.


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  1. As Dr. Dogg has clearly indicated on his webpage , most of Ramanujan's Revenge was actually written by Tom Hull and Rob Hochberg. A-Dogg and the Math Boyz simply performed a cover of this classic work. 

    Posted by Anonymous


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