Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Derrida and the 'two cultures'

I often find it amusing to rant (in appropriate company) about the lack of understanding of (or even interest in) science and mathematics shown by people in the 'humanities', even though at the same time, the exclusivity and inaccessibility of what I do can be a source of (shameful) joy.

But to be fair, the argument goes both ways. I like to think that I try to read and be aware of the arts (to whatever extent possible), but I know nothing about probably the most important literary theorist of this century, a revolutionary probably comparable to Einstein in the way he shook the foundations of his discipline.

Jacques Derrida died last week, and beyond the Cliff Notes-like 'Derrida... deconstructionism...text is meaning outside the text...', there is little I can say about his work.

Is it shameful ? Probably not. Should I stop complaining about the lack of awareness of the sciences among humanities folks ? Probably yes. Should I stop talking like Donald Rumsfeld ? Most certainly...

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