Sunday, October 31, 2004

E-voting: The Blog

A new computer science blog, this one on e-voting. It has been started by a number of experts in e-voting, including AT&T Labs alumnus Avi Rubin. Here is the first message, posted by Ed Felten:

Welcome to

Our panelists will be posting news and commentary on e-voting issues. We hope our site will serve as a central source of information and insight about e-voting, straight from some of the leading independent experts.

This is a non-partisan site. Our goal here is not to advance any political agenda, but to help ensure that all votes are counted fairly and accurately, and to provide honest expert commentary to the public and the press.

Given the amount of scrutiny that this election will face, and the amount of FUD that will be generated by the parties and the media over voting processes, this will hopefully be a good resource to understand the real issues behind e-voting and how it affects this year's prelude to a recount.

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